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Coconut Charlie's FAQ...
If you don't see your question below, or maybe just want some more information, please give us a call at 919-307-8495. We look forward to hearing from you.

What exactly is Coconut Charlie's Bump'n Bounce?
    We are Raleigh's COOLEST children's entertainment center! Kids can play on our massive indoor soft playground, jump on many varieties of inflatables. We're a place where a kid can be a kid! Suitable for kid crawlers up to 12 years of age.

What is a "soft playground"?
     This is awesome & kids love it.  It's like the fun equipment at fast food restaurants but on a much larger scale!

Do you have designated hours for open play?
    Open play is everyday during our regular business hours. Grab your socks and come on in! See open play >

What are the age limits that can play on the equipment?
     Coconut Charlie's invites all children between the ages of 1 - 12 years old. Adults can accompany the kids on the large playground if necessary, Adults are not allowed on inflatables, just toddler one and playground. Once a parent steps onto an inflatable it can send little ones soaring and more importantly if the child cannot play on that particular piece of equipment by him/herself it is probably too big for them. Coconut Charlie's strives to have a variety of equipment that suits different ages. 

What kind of security do you have?
     We have security cameras at all entrances and throughout the arena. There are huge monitor tv's that constantly display camera views for all to see. Upon arrival both children and adults will receive wristbands. All of our staff members are trained to help if a child is lost or separated from their family member or guardian. In the event where, within a couple of minutes, the child cannot be located, the whole center will go into a lockdown and the police will be dispatched. There will always be an attendant at the front desk. No one will be allowed in our facility without a child or wristband. If an adult is interested in touring the facility they will be accompanied by a staff member throughout their stay.

How long can you stay during open play?
     Once you arrive feel free to stay all day. We do have a rule that there will be no re-entry once you have left.

Do I have to wear socks?
       Yes, yes and yes. For sanitary reasons as well as safety to all of our equipment we ask everyone (that includes all adults) wear socks in our Arena. If you do not have socks we sell them at the snack bar for your convienience at super reasonable prices.

Open play is expensive if I have more than 1 child. Do you any discounts?
       And we completely understand!  That is why our open play has a price structure geared towards families with multiple children.  We ask these prices only be used for siblings.

What's included in your birthday party packages?
       We have great birthday packages!  Go to "Birthday Parties" tab for more information.

Do you offer private birthday parties?
     Here at Coconut Charlie's we offer private party time slots every Saturday and Sunday morning, and after hours (after 5:00 pm) every day of the week. Private parties are not necessarily the only party in the building, but they will be the only party in the arena during their play time. The private parties have limited availability and tend to be the first parties to book up on the weekends. Even if you do not book a private party, you will get a private party room with every party booked. Call us today for more details about private parties.

Can we drop the kids off?
    No, unfortunately we do not offer this service during our regular business hours. However we do have Date Night! 

Do you have any Trackout events? 
   Not at this time.

I'm a parent, will I get bored?
    While we do highly encourage you to be close to your kids we offer an observation deck that looks out over our Arena. You are welcome to take a beverage and your laptop (we offer free Wi-Fi) up to the observation deck. The Tiki cafe has chairs, tv and of course the security monitor so you can keep an eye on the arena at all times. The cafe offers a wide array of beverages and concessions. There is a book stand and the daily paper if you would like to borrow one to read while you're there.

What can my toddler or infant do? Will they get run over by the older kids?
     Coconut Charlie's offers a designated toddler area where only toddlers and infants are allowed. There is an inflatable bouncy and various soft toys to interact with. Please see our monthly calendar for special days where the toddlers have the whole place to themselves. We consider toddlers to be ages 3 and younger.

Is your center clean?
   This is so important and we are always striving to excel. Cleanliness and security are our number 1 priority! Our facility has hand sanitizers throughout the arena, at the entrance and at the cafe. Our equipment is sanitized nightly. The bathrooms are regularly checked for cleanliness and paper products. If while you are here something is not clean we encourage you to tell a staff member immediately and we will take care of it. Thanks for being concerned about this subject.

Can I bring in food?
   I'm sorry we do not allow any food to be carried in from outside our facility. Bump'n Bounce has a café with healthy options at reasonable prices. Thank you for your understanding.

What is your birthday party cancellation policy?
   Hopefully you won't have to cancel, but if you do this is our policy...We require a $50 non-refundable security deposit at the time of booking.  You can cancel 2 weeks before party and reschedule or loose $50 deposit. Thanks for your understanding that if you cancel 1 week or less it means we have turned others away.

Does everyone have to sign a waiver?
   Yes because of our insurance policy everyone that enters the arena must have a signed waiver.  Waivers are located at check in, or download from the website.

Can I bring a Child that is not mine?"
   Most Definitely as long as you have permission from the parent or guardian to sign for the child. There is a box at the bottom of the waiver that you would check stating just that.

​Should I tip our party attendant?
    While we will never request a tip, if your private attendant shows you excellent service then tips are always appreciated. Thanks for asking!

Do you book for fund raisers?
    We sure do and love to have them. A portion of the proceeds goes toward the fundraiser charity. For more information please see "Fundraiser" tab or call us.
Coconut Charlie's Bump'n Bounce
(Located in Celebration at Six Forks Shopping Center)
7409 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27615